Evolution Therapies is as unique as you are. As you evolve, grow, and heal, so does the world around you.
Using Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnosis and PSTEC Valerie can help you discover the cause of the problems you are experiencing in your everyday life and guide you through this process of awareness and acceptance right through to an action plan that provides you with new tools for you to go out into the world and be the best that you can be.
Ask yourself:
- Do I want to find my purpose in life?
- Would I like to improve my personal and professional relationships?
- Do I need a change in my life, but not sure where to start?
- Would I like to fulfill my career goals and love my job?
- Do I want to enhance motivation, confidence, self-esteem and positive thinking?
- Would I like to live a healthy life style: more exercise, better diet and less stress?
- Do I want to let go of my past and move on with my life?
If you have answered yes to any one of the questions, then chances are you deserve to take the necessary steps to change your life.
Why spend another day living your life in discontent, contact Valerie today for a free consultation.
Contact Valerie Smith PSTEC, C.Ht.
Phone:  416-618-0770
Email:  valerie@evolutiontherapies.ca
"I have seen many psychotherapists over the years and I have to say that hands down Valerie has been the best. She is truly in this career for the right reasons as she genuinely cares about my well being which is demonstrated through her passionate, caring, encouraging, and non judgmental nature. Valerie takes an eclectic approach to treatment as she incorporates a variety of styles and techniques depending on my personal needs. I feel truly blessed to have met such an amazing, caring, and supportive person."
Julie - 30 years old CEO
"Valeria has always shown herself to be a very compassionate person. There is a genuineness and unconditional acceptance in Valeria's approach that allowed me to openly share long held emotional pains." "I found Valeria to be very insightful, her method of asking the right questions, listening, supporting, and challenging me to come up with my own solutions, helped me to make a real breakthrough."
Michael - 45 year old male treating post traumatic stress disorder

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